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So I was surprised to hear from her at last to schedule a time to get some pictures for her to choose for a 11 x 14 canvas print.

I remembered all the details about Rainey so it was great to finally put a face to the name.  She was in a foster home for over a year when 

she found her forever home in Churchville. She has a great yard and a happy life from all I could see. Her beloved ball is a treasured friend from her previous home.  I know mom will have a hard time choosing just one for a canvas I like this one but only mom knows which one captures her spirit best.  Which one do you like best ? 

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Shooting in sacred spaces https://ellenponsphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/11/shooting-in-sacred-spaces Hannah Anderson Christening-9369Hannah Anderson Christening-9369 I have to say that bringing your camera to church can raise the level of discomfort for the eye behind the lens not to speak of the unsuspecting souls on the other side. Natural light photography keeps the distraction of flash out of the equation, but the shutter does carry loudly in our small chapel. However when the Minister invites you to cover his daughters christening the pressure of disrupting the service is greatly lessened. This was a great way to give something special to little hannah and her parents. 

May she grow with christ in every way.

St Albans is a small Anglican church on Old Joppa Road in Joppa Maryland, Services are Sundays at 8 and 10 am. I invite you to Join Father Gordon Anderson and his parish for Fellowship and faith. I do. 

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Pugs on Parade https://ellenponsphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/11/puthe-stars-after-9827 The Stars After-9827The Stars After-9827

This is Mini. She participated in a fashion show at Fiore Winery during the gala book launch organized by Nancy Metzger and Lisa Kerner  They are the driving force behind The Pugs for Pinky Foundation. This organization raises funds to help sick pugs and thier people with high medical costs. Guests enjoyed a lunch from a buffet table for dogs and another for their owners. Illustrator Spoon Popkin autographed copies of  PINKY, THE PRETTY IN PINK PUG from each overflowing gift bag. The story is a timeless message for all ages on living with adversity and accepting death.  Get your copy and support the the Foundation's mission by contacting www.pugsforpinky.com.  




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Video from Still Photos https://ellenponsphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/10/video-from-still-photos


Some select photos and the right soundtrack you'll be singing all day.Maybe in your sleep as well. Looks easier than it is sometimes.  When our new filly English Channel Filly arrived we took the standard conformation pose and then turned her loose in the field. A valuable filly doesnt get a lot of free time right from the sales.  So I ended up with a marginal amount of images to choose from however arranging them using Lightroom software slide show which has limited control on slide transition timing and an appropriate sound track and it all worked like a charm .

The new filly's named Chanel Number One. Here's her sales pitch 

Chanel Number One a Country Life Racing Partnership


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Fair Hill Field Trip https://ellenponsphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/7/fair-hill-field-trip DSC_1248

Saturday, July 20th 2013 

A group of partners from Country Life gathered for a field trip at Fair Hill Training Center.The center is located amid the 5000 acre Natural Preserve which was left to the state of Maryland by William Dupont in the early 1970's. Bridges, tunnels, forests, fields, creeks and trails are an open smorgasbord for the outdoor enthusiast. Mike Trombetta's assistant trainer Melissa Begley sent out Goddess of War for her first breeze on the Tapeta track and Moon Map had a slow gallop on the dirt. We got a thorough understanding of all that is "Fair Hill" from  Sally Jackson who began our tour of the Center and its history from the comfort of the Clockers tower. Then we toured the Equine Therapy Center, and got to see Kentucky Derby winner Orb who is utilizing the Spa therapies during this working vacation for him as he points towards the Travers next month. It was a memorable day for us all.  My favorite image is the one above where I tracked the motion of the horse and riders to put the spectators in blur hoping to express the feel of the action you experience when you are so close to the track. Below is a slide show of the gallery of images from the day. Whats your favorite ? 

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Cisco Journey https://ellenponsphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/3/cisco-journey So lets just say its Spring. The weather is changing daily and the sun when it is out just screams "COME AWAY FROM THAT COMPUTER" 

Can't listen to the little voices today as I have pictures from my recent trip with childhood friends to San Francisco Calif. to get out of the nether-land of memory cards. So I find myself at the computer uploading and sorting through a lot of images from the lighter gear I was traveling with. 

The trip also allowed mulit hour attention to the learning curve of some new (to me ) media gadgets. Packing a new mini I-pad and a replacement Point & shoot I made a decision not to travel with big lenses and a SLR camera. Had I possibly found the i-pad before getting the Sony pocket camera I might have been fine with this modern miracle. ( Think i-phone time 2) But the point and shoot Sony Cyber-shot is my 3rd Cyber-shot from sony. One made its way to my sons belongings, # 2 got unintentional "water damage" during a Kayaking trip. They are so handy and compact I  was determined to stay with the sony line. Third time may be the charm as Sony #3 advertised  is water resistant to 30 feet, really is.  I soon tested it  in the churning waters of a noon hot tub dunking.  I plucked it out an pushed down the lens cover and Voila , Yes it was as remarkable as advertised. Here then is the collection of photos from those 5 days. 

Sunset on the bay

The bay looking to Sausalito from San Francisco 
(see more in the slide show below ) 
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