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4s A.Poulos --9 8x1020101202-Reouched Olivia 4 star-9673-2Olivia 3 star-9715Olivia 4 star-9608Olivia 4 star-9620Olivia 4 star-9763Olivia 3 star-97276 x 18 kenwood 5oth Group photoshopJosie walks w mom dad-6433Josie w mom dad by wire fence-6616Josie w mom dad on porch-6766Hannah Anderson Christening-9369S & D portrait In Field greens-3829S & D portrait In Field greens-3841-2S & D portrait under the barn-3891S & D preparty dancing-3953Group Dilworth with Inlaws-4050Hannah Anderson Christening-9375A.Poulos 4 star-5480